Best Motorcycle Alarms

Best Motorcycle Alarms

Best Motorcycle Alarms

When you’ve spent a sizable amount of cash on getting your favorite motorbike, why not spend on making sure it’s safe from prying eyes for instance by getting one of the better motorcycle alarms available? Riding a motorbike provides a high level of thrill, freedom and excitement so it is only right that you protect your prized possession with a reliable form of motorbike security.

Various Motorcycle Alarms To Choose From

Motorbike alarms can range depending on several factors, most notably on the extent of security they offer. There are cheap motorbike security alarms that simply emit an audible noise when the motorbike is moved, some can be triggered when the motorcycle is tilted, while others can be triggered when someone comes within close proximity of it.

Then again there are the more expensive models that offer GPS tracking and even email and text alerts when the motorbike is stolen so you don’t have to rely on just the audible alarm.

Buying the best motorcycle alarm can be tricky considering there are several different types to choose from, but below we highlight 3 of the best ones available to you.

” Fantastic, strong, hard-to-pick and hard-to-break lock. Well designed so it’s actually pretty much impossible to damage the carbide-reinforced locking pin; it goes through the rotor, so you’d have to get through the rotor first and THEN get to the locking pin.

The alarm is LOUD as hell!”

By RexRev

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And here is a short amateur video that we found on YouTube showing the XX10 in operation.

To ensure you buy the right motorcycle wheel lock with an alarm, some manufacturers even offer a template that you can use or you can simply measure the distance from the outer edge of the disk to any one of the holes and choose accordingly.

The alarm disc lock system is neatly fitted to your bike, and automatically secures it within usually 5 seconds after the key is turned. In the event the motorbike or the lock is tampered with, the sensors of the lock trigger a rather loud beep for a set period of time, which in essence is the sole purpose of a disk lock bike security system. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about riding away with the disk lock as the alarm will go off as soon as the motorbike is moved.

GPS Security Device with Alarm

There’s no better way to protect your trusted metal steed than with a motorcycle alarm with GPS system. This innovation in motorbike security ensures that even though thieves might get away with your prized possession, they won’t be able to hide it. GPS enabled security devices work in the same way as a regular disk lock device with alarm, except you will be able to track and locate your motorbike in real time.

Should your bike be taken by say loading onto a truck, the onboard GPS technology kicks in and allows you to live track it.

GPS tracking with some of GPS powered motorbike locks begins automatically, and some even allow you to file a police report, and alert your social networks with the push of a button. Apps to track your motorbike with most GPS motorbike alarm products are available for Windows, iPhone and Android devices and generally allow you to track your motorcycle from wherever you may be.

The SpyTec GP Tracking System

By way of example take a look at this GP Tracker from SpyTec.  These babies are about the size of a matchbox and once discretely placed into position can be used to track anything including your beloved motorcycle. Note this device does not have a sound alarm which sounds off when moved, rather it allows for continuous location tracking and alerts.

That said, the systems allows you to set up alerts so that (for instance) you get an sms or an email if it starts or stops moving – very handy!

You can also engage various other features geo-fencing: allowing you to fence off certain areas of the map and be alerted when the tracker enters or leaves the restricted area. And more.

The real time tracking requires a monthly subscription starting at $25 per month. Which actually is quite reasonable, especially if your vehicle costs in the $thousands. Get more details here.

U-Lock with Alarm

Just like the name suggests, this range of U-Locks feature an integrated alarm so you get double the protection at just one price. U-Locks are known to be lightweight motorcycle security devices and with an alarm embedded don’t get much heavier. Some U-Locks with alarm can also be opened and secured with an accompanying app generally available on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Other U-Locks with alarm come with a pager, which will go off in the event the sensors of the alarm detect your motorbike is being tampered with. Generally crafted of high grade and robust stainless steel, U-Locks are a great visual deterrent to motorbike thieves, but with a second layer of alarm protection, thieves will have to comb through two security devices to get away with your motorbike, making the task highly impossible.

Introducing the Bully Alarm Lock with Pager

The Bully Alarm Lock with Pager is one great example of a U-Lock with alarm. It is easy to install without cutting into the wiring harness of your motorcycle or adding any complicating wiring to your motorbike. In addition and once installed, the Bully Alarm Lock does not drain your battery, and it eradicates the need to buy multiple alarms for bike as you can easy uninstall and install it on your new bike.

A great visual deterrent, the Bully Alarm Lock can also be used with two bikes at the same time, and it’s simply a matter of attaching it, turning it on and sleeping better at night.

The package includes a long range pager, which with the alarm will go off when someone messes with your motorcycle. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to protect your motorcycle, the Bully Alarm Lock with Pager is worth exploring.

Click here for more information about the Bully Alarm Lock.

In Summary DO Employ a Motorcycle Security for your Motorcycle and Consider One of the Various Motorcycle Alarms Built In

Thousands of motorbikes are stolen each year equivalent to an estimated $200 million or more. Having your motorbike stolen can take thousands of dollars out of your pocket, leave you with no means of commute and simply result in a frustrating experience. Cut or eliminate your chances of motorcycle bike theft by investing in any easy to use and highly effective alarm systems for motorcycles.

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