Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains

#1 Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains

#1 Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains

As we’ll show, the best motorcycle locks and chains can go a long way to protecting your motorcycle from theft. Simply put using the most efficient forms of motorbike security devices isn’t an option today given the considerable rise in motorcycle theft.

Research indicates the most popular types of motorbikes for thievery are sport bikes, but any type of bike is fair game considering how easy they can be to make way with.

If you are in a rush, here are two of the best Motorcycle Locks and Chains you can get

Abus Granit Extreme Plus

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

Lock Your Motorbike Down and It Won’t Get Lifted!

It’s true – when it comes to the technique used to stealing a motorcycle, simply picking it up and loading it into a van/truck tops the list. Furthermore, the thief doesn’t even need to know how to ride the stolen motorbike or even override the ignition, making the getaway even easier. This however can be best avoided by investing in the best motorbike security chain and lock that you can lay your hands on.

With an anti theft chain, you take care of the underlying issue, which is stopping the thief from getting the motorcycle up from the ground, but only a good security chain for motorcycle will be able to stop this. The best bike security chain is ideally hardened and measures no less than 12mm in diameter otherwise it can be easily pried off with a pair of bolt cutters (of course 12 mm+ can be severed – it’s just get a lot more difficult to do!).

How to use a Security Chain for a Motorcycle?

The best way to lock your motorcycle with a security chain is through the frame rather than the wheel given that the latter is easier to remove. It’s good to have a really secure wheel, but in most cases they get sold as spares hence running and securing the bike security chain through the frame is highly recommended.

Next, when securing the chain, ensure it is tight meaning there shouldn’t be much slack between the bike and the floor. If the motorcycle security chain hangs loose on the floor, it is much more vulnerable to freeze attacks, hammer attacks, bolt cutters and wedge attacks.

Keep in mind that the biggest deterrent to a thief is a secured motorbike, and the last thing they want is to get caught. Your goal ultimately of securing your motorcycle with an anti theft chain is to maximize the time it would take to get away with your motorbike, and making getting caught in the act as likely as possible.

For maximum protection, place the motorcycle security chain through a fixed immovable object to prevent is from lift-away theft. It is highly important that you secure the motorcycle anti theft chain to a non-removable part of the motorbike frame such as the rotor to prevent against roll-away theft.

Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains – Which Motorcycle Security Chain to Buy?

Shopping for the best motorbike security chain might be overwhelming considering the wide range of prices and qualities available. However, we’ve rounded off two of the best motorcycle locking chains available in the market to ease your buying decision…

1. The Abus Granit Extreme Plus –

The Germans know a bit about quality and this German built Abus chain lock is no exception.

They refer to it as a 2-in-1 solution and is outfitted with a robust 59 inch long, 12mm chain complete with a fabric sleeve to prevent any damage to the motorbike itself.

Adding to this, all of the components of this motorcycle locking mechanism are crafted with superior quality hardened steelABUS X-Plus cylinder for the best protection against theft.

Highlights of the Abus Granit Extreme Plus

  • 12mm robust chain
  • Chain link locks directly into lock
  • Two keys supplied with lock
  • Waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion resistant
  • Manually operated keyhole cover to prevent dirt and corrosion

Apart from its superb fit and finish, it’s highly impossible to pick or cut the Granit motorcycle chain with standard bolt cutters. Apart from being bike theft-proof, this anti theft chain is weatherproof, waterproof and corrosion proof as well and uses the X-Plus lock system to give you more than an astounding 1.4 million different combinations. The package includes two keys, with one being an LED torch key.

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2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc –

What’s great about this (oddly titled) Fahgettaboudit motorcycle security device is that it comes with a robust 14mm six-sided chain and a top of the line New York D-Lock. Super-tough!

In the package you receive 3 stainless steel keys, one of them lighted . The chain itself is outfitted with a protective and durable nylon cover complete with hook up fasteners to hold it in place.

Highlights of the Kryptonite U-Loc

  • Comes with robust chain and maximum security D-Lock
  • Key Safe program
  • Appointed with sliding dustcover to protect and extend cylinder life
  • Chain crafted of 3t hardened manganese steel for ultimate strength
  • 3 stainless steel keys included
  • Available is two lengths – 39 inch and 60 inch

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When compared to the Abus Extreme Plus, it performs just as well where no amount of hammer, lever or axe can even make a dent. If you’re looking for the best chain locking system, the two motorcycle security devices mentioned above are evidently some of the best you can buy to secure your prized possession.

Motorcycle Security Chain Lock Tips

  1. Lock your motorcycle in a well lit area and hopefully with other motorbikes.
  2. Do not lock in the same location all the time.
  3. Do not lock your motorcycle to any items that can be easily cut such as a chain link fence or wooden post.
  4. Don’t forget to secure your other accessories such as jackets, helmets, etc.
  5. Use a high quality motorcycle security chain

In Conclusion

Motorcycles are easy target for thieves so don’t make it any easier by compromising on the best motorcycle protection – like the two best motorcycle locks and chains we’ve uncovered here. By taking the time to secure your motorcycle appropriately and with the best anti theft chain, your property is kept safe at all times.

Here are two great options:

Abus Granit Extreme Plus

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