Most Reliable Motorcycle Cable Locks

Most Reliable Motorcycle Cable Locks

Most Reliable Motorcycle Cable Locks


Thieves like easy pickings and motorcycles if you are not careful fit the bill nicely. Unlike cars these days, bikes can be appallingly easy to steal, are also quicker to get away with so it’s a good idea to take some simple and reliable precautions. As such – motorcycle cable locks as you’ll see are are perfect for this task.

Ease of Using Motorcycle Cable Locks

A robust motorcycle cable lock can simply be threaded through the wheels of your motorbike and secured around an immovable object such as a large tree, sign post or designated anchor points. The fact that the better ones are hard to cut makes them a great deterrent against motorcycle theft, where your motorcycle simply can’t be wheeled away.

A cable lock however is in general not as tough as a motorcycle chain and lock, but on a brighter note is comparatively lighter, making it easy to haul around and a great relief if you use your motorbike for daily commutes. Also cable locks can work very nicely when use in conjunction with another security lock (layers of protection) such as a disc lock, a grip lock or a brake lock.

Keep in mind that no motorcycle lock cable is unbreakable, but by using one you provide your motorcycle with an essential layer of security. Some tips to keep in mind when shopping for the best motorcycle cable lock include:

  • Buy the best cable lock you can reasonably afford
  • Since a motorcycle cable lock doesn’t weigh much, you can use two, one for each wheel or get a cable lock and a grip lock
  • Choose a good location preferably well lit areas to park your motorbike
  • Secure your motorbike to a solid, immovable object – if indoors (garage) maybe use a motorcycle anchor.

Tips on using Motorbike Cable Lock

It is also important to choose a good location to lock your motorbike with a cable lock such as CCTV-heavy area and well lit areas. The best place to lock a motorbike is among others for several reasons, most notably because there will be less room for a thief to maneuver and use their motorbike theft tools.

Above everything else, it is highly important that you lock your motorcycle cable lock with an immovable object, because this not done right will defeat the sole purpose of having a motorcycle cable lock. When using a cable lock, ensure that it is a tight fit, because the more room between the cable and anchor point, the easier it is to break the lock.

Best Motorcycle Cable Lock – Make the most of the Benefits

Bike enthusiasts and industry experts suggest spending roughly 10% of the value of your motorbike on some form of motorcycle lock cable or cable lock alarm. Cable locks are easier to cut through than some of the other types of motorbike security products, but just like most products, there are a few best motorcycle cable locks that are definitely worth considering.

Apart from being lightweight, a motorcycle lock cable is also affordable so using two locks to secure the front and back wheel and frame to an immovable object only makes sense. That said, we’ve listed two of the better motorcycle cable locks available in the market to ease your buying decision.

So What are the Best Motorcycle Security Cable Locks Just Now?

There is no shortage of cable locks for motorcycles that’s for sure. Two good products that come to mind are the Master Lock Cuff Cable and the OnGuard Rottweiler.

First off, let’s take a look at the 8295 Cuff Lock from Master Lock…

1. The Abus Granit Extreme Plus –

Master Lock 8295DPS Quantum Cuff Cable Lock – measuring 6 ft long and equipped with an integrated cuff lock, the Master Lock 8295DPS cable lock can be secured easily with several different immovable objects such as frames, forks, sign posts and parking meters.

One of the noteworthy features of this motorcycle cable lock is it boasts a braided steel cable with polymer coating, making it virtually impossible to saw or cut and pick at.

Highlights of the Master Lock 8295DPS

  • Integrated steel cuff
  • Push button keyless locking system
  • Braided steel cable for superior flexibility and strength
  • Hardened laminated steel construction
  • Can be attached with several different types of immovable objects
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

In addition, it can be secured quickly thanks to a push button keyless locking system, and is backed by a useful lifetime warranty. The Lock is lightweight at just 2 lbs, making it comparatively easy to haul around especially even on long motorcycle trips.

Check it out at Amazon

In contrast we’ll now look at the 8024 Rottweiler from OnGuard. A more flexible security cable and it’s a bit lighter than the Master Lock. Take a look for your self…

2.  The OnGuard 8024 Rottweiler 25mm x 4′ Armored Lock – from a first glance, this motorcycle cable lock comes across as one of the most reliable forms of bike security you can get your hands on today, and it indeed is for several reasons.

For starters, it boasts an X2 dual lock locking system and is complete with a reinforced sleeve over the cylinder and crossbar for superior motorbike security.

Even with the high level of protection the OnGuard offers, it is surprisingly lightweight (and lighter than the master lock 8295) at just 1.3 lbs including the 4 feet long cable.

Highlights of the OnGuard 8024 Motorbike Lock

  • Weighs just 1.3 lbs
  • Reinforced sleeve for maximum protection
  • Automatic dust cover to protect cylinder
  • Package includes 4 laser cut keys and 1 TorchKey
  • Vinyl cable protects bike from scratches

Unlike other motorcycle cables locks that skimp out on quality in exchange for low price, OnGuard contrarily delivers over and beyond by providing you with 4 high quality laser cut keys and 1 TorchKey with this package.

The 8024 OnGuard Motorbike chain lock even features a dust cover to protect the cylinder of the device and a rather tough vinyl cable cover to protect your bike and equipment from scratches.

Check it out at Amazon

In Summary

Protecting your motorbike should not be an option especially considering the affordable price of motorcycle protection devices such as easy to use and extremely portable cable locks. They are good when used in isolation and even better when used together with a second motorcycle security device as already listed above.

Both of the above motorcycle cable locks are good, but for us we find the OnGuard a bit more flexible to use, possibly more durable and therefore… reliable!

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