Motorcycle Grip Lock Reviews

Motorcycle Grip Locks

So Exactly “What is a Grip Lock?”

In this grip lock reviews page we will address and compare two grip lock devices. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term, a grip lock such as the BigPantha device shown above, fits to the handlebar grips on a motorcycle (or scooter or ATV / Quad bike) and immobilizes the bike by locking the throttle and / or brake.

And it has many aliases – it is also known as a handle bar lock (since it fits to the grip of the handlebar), a brake lock (it can be used to lock the front brake), a throttle lock (the throttle get’s immobilized at the same time as the front brake) and even a motorcycle clutch lock (when used on the left hand grip).

With a large number of motorbikes stolen each year (and the average cost of new one at around $14,500) preventing your motorcycle from theft should be a top priority. Unfortunately many motorcycles are stolen simply because they are easy to get away with.

One Answer to the Security Problem that More People are Turning to is the Grip Lock

A grip lock is a convenient and simple solution to motorcycle security and it won’t break the bank. Indeed you can expect the grip lock price to be less than $70. At the time of writing the BigPantha Grip Lock is just $44.95 and the nearest good competitor – Green Motorcycle and Security lock by Grip-Lock – will set you back about $55. And if you shop around you’ll get a grip lock for sale or with a coupon for even less.

In any case, compared to the price of replacing a stolen motorbike, grip locks are practically free!

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Setting Expectations about What a Grip Lock Can Do

Realistically a determined thief given the time, tools and privacy can relieve you of your prized machine however much security you have employed! So the real question is – in any given situation what is the appropriate level of motorbike security that you should employ?

A motorcycle grip lock is a clamping device that is attached to the handlebar (to either one of the two grips to be precise) and immobilizes either the throttle and front brake or the clutch – see explanation below.

They are simple devices that are quickly and easily set into place, and they are not prone to failure.

They are perfect medium level security devices just like disc locks are.

Of course if a thief rocks up in a big van to whisk your bike away, then your bike (or any bike) is at risk.

However, with the grip lock in place the bike cannot be rolled, it has to be a picked up and put in the van – and that requires two or more guys.

Grip Locks – whether for a Motorcycle, a scooter* or even an ATV a grip lock works the same for all.

A Note on Grip Locks for Scooters and Mopeds

*Note that some scooters and mopeds have the the rear brake attached to the left handlebar (and the front brake to the right grip). So in this case when a grip lock is used as a scooter lock or moped lock, the grip lock secures either front brake and throttle or the rear brake.

Motorcycle Grip Locks in the Market

What is the BigPantha Grip Lock?

Grip lock systems are fairly common ground when it comes to protecting motorbikes for several reasons including affordability and efficiency. The BigPantha motorcycle grip lock system is designed for BOTH security and efficiency – it is designed to lock, immobilize and secure your 2 wheeler in just under a whopping 5 seconds.

Light and Compact Time Saver

Conceived a few years ago, BigPantha has grown to be one of the leading names in the motorcycle accessory industry, and their latest motorbike security accessory is no different.

The BigPantha grip lock weighs in at about 1 lb and boasts a compact footprint of 5.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches, meaning it’s convenient to carry.

Highlights of the BigPantha Grip Lock

  • Lightweight at about 1 lb
  • Small – about the size of a mobile phone
  • Crafted of lightweight but tough aluminium
  • Available as a red grip lock or black grip lock (more colors on the way)
  • Durable, tough and tamper resistant
  • Two laser cut keys
  • Universal motorcycle lock and fits all models of sports bikes, scooters and ATV’s
  • Dust proof, heat proof, water proof and rust proof
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable Design

The BigPantha grip lock is water and rust resistant so you can rest assured it will last for many years to come.

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Regardless of the motorcycle you own, the BigPantha motorcycle grip locking system is a perfect fit including Triumph, Harley, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

This Should Be the Grip Lock Reviews Anthem – If it’s Easy to use, you will always use it!

As other grip lock reviews comment, the noteworthy feature that sets the BigPantha grip lock apart from other forms of motorcycle security is it is faster to secure and is done in a few easy steps.

1. To get started, simply unlock the grip lock with the included key, which triggers it to open outwards similar to a crab claw.
2. You will notice the claw of this motorcycle security device is appointed with two grips – one smaller than the other.
3. Set the open grip lock over your motorbike’s handlebar in such a way that the first grip clings onto the clutch lever or the front brake, and the second bigger grip onto the handle or the throttle.
4. Finally secure the device using the included laser cut key.

How does it compare to other Grip Locks?

The Green or Yellow Motorcycle and Security lock by Grip-Lock is another great product in its segment – it is easy to use, and lightweight just like its BigPantha counterpart.

However, its main pitfall is that it’s made out of plastic and therefore somewhat easier to snap or cut through, than the full-metal design of the BigPantha grip lock.

For a closer inspection check it out here MC Grip-Lock.

Should you get a Grip Lock?

Or a better question should be “Why Wouldn’t You Buy a Grip Lock?”. Look at it realistically, you’ve already invested thousands of dollars on your Motorbike so spending less than a hundred on a premium grip lock only makes sense.

This and several other grip lock reviews reckon that the BigPantha grip lock takes away the hassles associated with shopping for a grip lock system considering it is universally designed to fit any bike, scooter or even ATV you may own.

If you’re looking to protect your motorcycle from prying eyes, the BigPantha grip lock will save you the heartache that stems from having your motorbike stolen.

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