Motorcycle Security – Best Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices and Systems

Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle Theft Prevention – More Important Today Than Ever Before

Getting your prized possession stolen sucks and when this item is your motorcycle, it hurts even more! Motorcycles for many of us are a form of daily and affordable transportation, and for some like me, our pride and joy – or both. And fact is that just as much as we depend and love our 2 wheels, thieves do just as much.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the rise in motorcycle theft is simply because bikes are easy money for thieves – for they tend to be relatively easy to steal, easy to break down for parts and easy to sell.

On the brighter note, there are a great range of motorbike security devices and systems available today – each with their own set of pros and cons – to help thwart would-be thieves.

Take a Look at the Best Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices Available

Statistics indicate that only 25 percent to 30 percent of stolen motorbikes are recovered compared to 65 percent to 70 percent of vehicles. As a motorcycle owner, there couldn’t be a better time if you haven’t already to explore the steps you can take to protect your motorbike given the range of good motorcycle security systems that you can get your hands on. And the good news is that even if you are on a tight budget you have some great motorbike theft prevention options within reach!

With this article serving as an introduction, we’re going to go on a tour of the best motorcycle security systems at your disposal. But first…

Motorcycle Theft Prevention 101

A sure shot way of safeguarding your motorbike from theft is to chain a large guard dog to your motorcycle at all times, but unfortunately this isn’t a feasible solution. However, the following are a few effective tips and techniques to keep your motorbike away from prying eyes.

You can’t steal what you can’t see – this is rather self explanatory, but you can’t steal something that isn’t there, meaning the of the best motorcycle security tactics is to keep your bike out of sight…

Your garage or lock up is a great place to keep your motorbike, and preferably behind a larger object and with the curtains unfastened over the windows. In my case, not only do I lock my motorbike in the garage, I have fitted a motorcycle security anchor so that I chain my bike to the anchor which itself is firmly embedded into the concrete floor. I chain my bike frame to the anchor. More on this at a later date. Suffice to say this is simple, low tech and rather effective – but requires a garage or access to a lock up of some description.

And, if you have a lock on your garage, use it and if you don’t, this might be a good time to invest in one.

Contrariwise, if you don’t have the luxury of owning a garage and live in an apartment complex or condo, park your motorcycle in a well lit area and in the sight of a security camera.

Hidden in Plain Sight – Using a Motorcycle Security Cover

Motorcycle covers serve a few different functions. Yes they protect your steed from the elements, keeps the water out of the electrics and will keep the dust off. Also, believe it or not, a motorcycle cover serves somewhat as a handy and relatively low cost motorbike security system.

Considering that a motorbike thief is less likely to make an attempt to steal your bike if they can’t tell what bike it is – and even if they can, can they be bothered to put in the effort and time to remove the cover – or are they likely to move on to an easier target?

Tried & Tested Motorcycle Security Locks

You can lock up your vehicle using one of a variety of different anti-theft motorcycle locks and devices. And there are a lot to choose from – and they all come with their pros and cons. We’re going to have a thorough look at these different options subsequently. In summary here they are: cable and lock, chain and lock, motorcycle grip lock (aka throttle lock or clutch lock), and a disc brake lock.

Consider Investing in a Motorcycle Alarm System

If you still feel that your motorcycle is not safe with locks alone, you can add another layer of motorcycle security such as the addition of an alarm system.

As you might expect, you have a few options to choose from when it comes to your motorbike alarm system. Here are a few that you’ll be learning about – motorcycle disc lock with alarm, chain lock with alarm and – ever more high tech – a motorcycle alarm system with gps!

Motorbike Alarms in Isolation

But a lot of motorbike owners rely solely on a motorcycle security alarm as their primary security. Although this is understandable owing to the fact that your motorbike can be protected with just a push of a button, depending completely on it is just a sense of false security – the alarm battery could be flat, or the alarm could sound off but it get’s ignored.

The solution? You guessed it! What would make alarms highly effective is they were paired with other motorbike security device because then a would-be thief has to work through two or more defenses – far easier and safer for them to move on to another – easier – target!

In short there are several different motorbike alarm security options available to riders these days, they work well in isolation, but can work even better when paired up with another device.

Invest in High Quality Motorcycle Security Systems

Your motorbike is your baby and must treat as such by not compromising on the quality of the motorcycle theft prevention products you buy. If you take the time to check out the numerous motorcycle security system reviews then you’ll find one common theme is that it is highly recommended that you only invest in the best motorbike security that you can lay your hands on.

There are several ways of lowering the odds of motorcycle theft, but take note that no single way is foolproof. However by considering the tips and devices mentioned above, you stand a much better chance at ensuring your motorbike doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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