Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Just imagine that you arrive at your destination on your motorbike and the location is a bit… how shall we say… a bit dodgy!

So you really need to secure your motorbike whilst you take off and do whatever the task is that you are there to do.

You simply whip out your BigPantha Grip Lock and in less than 5 seconds the lock is applied and your vehicle is totally secure! And it’s faster to apply than a Cable Lock (and lighter) or a Wheel Disc Lock.

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The Lock is a Cinch to Use

Check out the slider above and the images where you can see the actual lock in action.

  1.  The Motorcycle Grip Lock is first unlocked using the key (here the lock is shown fitted).

2.  Then it opens outwards much like a crab claw.

3.  The ‘claw’ you will notice has two grips built in – one quite small, the other bigger.

4.  You’ll close the claw over the handlebar so that the first grip clasps the Clutch Lever (left hand side) or the Front Brake (right hand side).
Then the second grip clasps the actual Motorcycle Handle (left side) or the Throttle (right side) .

5.  Finally you lock the device shut using the key.

With the throttle / front brake immobilized (right hand side) or the Clutch immobilized (left hand side) your bike is going to be very difficult to ride away!

Light Weight Lock that’s Easy to Carry Round

Weighing in at just 1 lb your new motorcycle lock can easily be carried, placed under the seat or just slipped into a holdall / bag.

Works with all Makes of Motorbikes

You know how some motorcycle accessories might work well with a Suzuki but don’t work with a Yamaha or a Triumph or an accessory that only works on a Harley? Well you won’t have any of those problems here. The BigPantha motorcycle lock is designed for use across any and all bikes.

Possibly Better than a Disc Lock – Or at Least a Useful Addition!

Our motorcycle lock often gets compared against disc locks lock for a few different reasons:

  • They are both small and easy to carry around
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively easy to use
  • They can both be used for securing a brake

To be sure disc locks are certainly good (we have our own release coming up soon), though one BIG drawback is that it’s easy to forget that it’s fitted (even with a reminder cable!) – how many embarrassing moments has that caused?

They take longer to fit than does our motorcycle lock which swiftly applied to one of your grips.

In all the Grip Lock is probably comparable to a Disc Lock or for the security conscious a great add-on!

Simple. Fast. Secure!

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Risk Free Purchase – Lifetime Guarantee!

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