Small Tool Pouch / MultiTool Sheath with Belt Clip

Small Tool Pouch

An innovative new small tool pouch with belt clip / multitool sheath from BigPantha Tool. This is a twist on another best selling pouch of ours and this time comes with a set of three handy twin gated carabiners – very useful about the workshop, on site, in the garage or simply when they come in useful.

BigPantha Tool Organizer and Tools Pouch – An Easy Way to Keep Your Small Tools & Multi Tools Close to Hand

When working or traveling around we want convenience – our prime gear safe and in easy reach. Designed as a UNIVERSAL FIT, this flexible light weight BigPantha tool organizer and tool pouch is the first choice meet your professional requirements for a hassle free / worry free experience!

BIG ENOUGH TO MEET YOUR DEMANDS: A Single Cavity molle pouchs offering enough storage space for multi-tools, Cellphones, small tools, folding knives, flashlights etc.

Made from military grade black nylon your new BigPantha tool holder is an ideal tool organizer and tools pouch that’s going to serve you until you retire… and beyond!

Tool Pouch with Belt Clip for 100% Security

Designed for real work the tool pouch with belt clip is actually fitted with a sturdy three pin clip that will attach either to your belt or simply to your jeans or work pants.

A three pin holster clip is A LOT more secure than two pins which means that the clip can’t be broken off the holster, and that the holster won’t budge from your belt – keeping the contents safe and secure, especially in transit.

Ultra Multi-Purpose 5.5″ Multi Tool Sheath – Big Enough But Not Too Big!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the BIG name tool holders / multi tool holders (Klein, Gerber etc) are a bit small? Often they are built for 4″ or 4.5″ mult-tools, tools and devices. Well we found that’s a bit small – a bit impractical at times – so we went a little bit bigger to 5.5″ in size.

So at 5.5″ in height, 2.5″ in width and 1″ to 1.5″ in depth, that’s a comfortable size for practically ALL Multi Tools and a lot of small tools. To give you an idea here is what customers and us have used with:

Flat wrenches & pliers, precision screwdrivers, diagonal cutters, portable & pickup parts, crescent wrench, channel locks, allen / hex keys, motorcycle, auto, truck and car products. Also travel scissors, pocketknife, cordless electrical & electronic components, gardening tools, computer parts, flashlights, folding knives, fire lighters… and the list goes on!

For instance, one of our first customers Dave who works as an electrician swears by it as the best little electrician tool pouch that he’s ever come across!

Look at all the small tools that we comfortably fitted into the tools holster…

Multi-Tool Pouch In Use With Various Sized Multi-Tools

As mentioned a lot of the Multi Tool Pouches out there are built to fit multi tools to 4″ or 4.5″ in size. We’ve gone a bit bigger, simply as a lot of the new multi-tools these days are larger than 4″ or 4.5″.

For instance some sophisticated multitools that we see (think the work site, DIY / home improvement, survival, camping, bike & motorcycle maintenance, electrician, plumbing and so on) come with fitted torches, wrenches as well as screwdrivers and the such. And these items can be a fair bit bigger these days.

So we’re not claiming that this’ll fit every multitool out there but it’s certainly going to accommodate most of the multitools built by the big brands such as Gerber, Leatherman, Dewalt, Stanley, Stansport, SOG, Griffin, Victorinox, Baladeo, UST, RAVPower and ROSE KULI.

A Close Up On Wearing It

It’s really easy to use. After placing your multi tool / tools / device into the holster you’ll secure the lid down by the molle style catch. Then you clip it to your belt, jeans or work pants.

The holster clip is attached to the pouch / holster by three pins (remember most inferior products have just two pins which is far less secure!).

Your holster is totally secure attached to you and it’s contents will be impossible to shake out.

We’ve Thrown in a Couple of Extras – Bonus Twin Gate Carabiner Hooks

OK so these are not live or die by, they are just pretty handy little devices that we at BigPantha use all the time. And we’re including three of these suckers for you free of charge!

These twin gated carabiner hooks are carabiners that open at both end. So you can attach one end to a tool or device (think torch, water bottle etc) and the other end to a wall hook or your trousers or a line or whatever.

They are darn handy to have around!

A Host of Great Brands

Finally – there are a lot of great multitool sheaths on the market from the greats such as Klein, Gerber, Wave, Custom Leathercraft, McGuire-Nicholas, Dickies Work Gear, CAMTOA, Nite Ize, FASITE, Leatherman, Maxpedition and Sheaths, to name but a few. BigPantha has now joined these terrific brands with our own version that’s adding novelty and value to this field.
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