Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Motorcycle Throttle Lock

Just imagine that you arrive at your destination on your motorbike and the location is a bit… how shall we say… a bit dodgy!

So you really need to secure your motorbike whilst you take off and do whatever the task is that you are there to do.

You simply whip out your BigPantha Grip Lock and in less than 5 seconds the lock is applied and your vehicle is totally secure! And it’s faster to apply than a Cable Lock (and lighter) or a Wheel Disc Lock.

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The Lock is a Cinch to Use

Check out the slider above and the images where you can see the actual lock in action.

  1.  The Motorcycle Grip Lock is first unlocked using the key (here the lock is shown fitted).

2.  Then it opens outwards much like a crab claw.

3.  The ‘claw’ you will notice has two grips built in – one quite small, the other bigger.

4.  You’ll close the claw over the handlebar so that the first grip clasps the Clutch Lever (left hand side) or the Front Brake (right hand side).
Then the second grip clasps the actual Motorcycle Handle (left side) or the Throttle (right side) .

5.  Finally you lock the device shut using the key.

With the throttle / front brake immobilized (right hand side) or the Clutch immobilized (left hand side) your bike is going to be very difficult to ride away!

Light Weight Lock that’s Easy to Carry Round

Weighing in at just 1 lb your new motorcycle lock can easily be carried, placed under the seat or just slipped into a holdall / bag.

Works with all Makes of Motorbikes

You know how some motorcycle accessories might work well with a Suzuki but don’t work with a Yamaha or a Triumph or an accessory that only works on a Harley? Well you won’t have any of those problems here. The BigPantha motorcycle lock is designed for use across any and all bikes.

Possibly Better than a Disc Lock – Or at Least a Useful Addition!

Our motorcycle lock often gets compared against disc locks lock for a few different reasons:

  • They are both small and easy to carry around
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively easy to use
  • They can both be used for securing a brake

To be sure disc locks are certainly good (we have our own release coming up soon), though one BIG drawback is that it’s easy to forget that it’s fitted (even with a reminder cable!) – how many embarrassing moments has that caused?

They take longer to fit than does our motorcycle lock which swiftly applied to one of your grips.

In all the Grip Lock is probably comparable to a Disc Lock or for the security conscious a great add-on!

Simple. Fast. Secure!

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Risk Free Purchase – Lifetime Guarantee!

Best Motorcycle Alarms

Best Motorcycle Alarms

Best Motorcycle Alarms

When you’ve spent a sizable amount of cash on getting your favorite motorbike, why not spend on making sure it’s safe from prying eyes for instance by getting one of the better motorcycle alarms available? Riding a motorbike provides a high level of thrill, freedom and excitement so it is only right that you protect your prized possession with a reliable form of motorbike security.

Various Motorcycle Alarms To Choose From

Motorbike alarms can range depending on several factors, most notably on the extent of security they offer. There are cheap motorbike security alarms that simply emit an audible noise when the motorbike is moved, some can be triggered when the motorcycle is tilted, while others can be triggered when someone comes within close proximity of it.

Then again there are the more expensive models that offer GPS tracking and even email and text alerts when the motorbike is stolen so you don’t have to rely on just the audible alarm.

Buying the best motorcycle alarm can be tricky considering there are several different types to choose from, but below we highlight 3 of the best ones available to you.

” Fantastic, strong, hard-to-pick and hard-to-break lock. Well designed so it’s actually pretty much impossible to damage the carbide-reinforced locking pin; it goes through the rotor, so you’d have to get through the rotor first and THEN get to the locking pin.

The alarm is LOUD as hell!”

By RexRev

Click here for more information

And here is a short amateur video that we found on YouTube showing the XX10 in operation.

To ensure you buy the right motorcycle wheel lock with an alarm, some manufacturers even offer a template that you can use or you can simply measure the distance from the outer edge of the disk to any one of the holes and choose accordingly.

The alarm disc lock system is neatly fitted to your bike, and automatically secures it within usually 5 seconds after the key is turned. In the event the motorbike or the lock is tampered with, the sensors of the lock trigger a rather loud beep for a set period of time, which in essence is the sole purpose of a disk lock bike security system. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about riding away with the disk lock as the alarm will go off as soon as the motorbike is moved.

GPS Security Device with Alarm

There’s no better way to protect your trusted metal steed than with a motorcycle alarm with GPS system. This innovation in motorbike security ensures that even though thieves might get away with your prized possession, they won’t be able to hide it. GPS enabled security devices work in the same way as a regular disk lock device with alarm, except you will be able to track and locate your motorbike in real time.

Should your bike be taken by say loading onto a truck, the onboard GPS technology kicks in and allows you to live track it.

GPS tracking with some of GPS powered motorbike locks begins automatically, and some even allow you to file a police report, and alert your social networks with the push of a button. Apps to track your motorbike with most GPS motorbike alarm products are available for Windows, iPhone and Android devices and generally allow you to track your motorcycle from wherever you may be.

The SpyTec GP Tracking System

By way of example take a look at this GP Tracker from SpyTec.  These babies are about the size of a matchbox and once discretely placed into position can be used to track anything including your beloved motorcycle. Note this device does not have a sound alarm which sounds off when moved, rather it allows for continuous location tracking and alerts.

That said, the systems allows you to set up alerts so that (for instance) you get an sms or an email if it starts or stops moving – very handy!

You can also engage various other features geo-fencing: allowing you to fence off certain areas of the map and be alerted when the tracker enters or leaves the restricted area. And more.

The real time tracking requires a monthly subscription starting at $25 per month. Which actually is quite reasonable, especially if your vehicle costs in the $thousands. Get more details here.

U-Lock with Alarm

Just like the name suggests, this range of U-Locks feature an integrated alarm so you get double the protection at just one price. U-Locks are known to be lightweight motorcycle security devices and with an alarm embedded don’t get much heavier. Some U-Locks with alarm can also be opened and secured with an accompanying app generally available on Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

Other U-Locks with alarm come with a pager, which will go off in the event the sensors of the alarm detect your motorbike is being tampered with. Generally crafted of high grade and robust stainless steel, U-Locks are a great visual deterrent to motorbike thieves, but with a second layer of alarm protection, thieves will have to comb through two security devices to get away with your motorbike, making the task highly impossible.

Introducing the Bully Alarm Lock with Pager

The Bully Alarm Lock with Pager is one great example of a U-Lock with alarm. It is easy to install without cutting into the wiring harness of your motorcycle or adding any complicating wiring to your motorbike. In addition and once installed, the Bully Alarm Lock does not drain your battery, and it eradicates the need to buy multiple alarms for bike as you can easy uninstall and install it on your new bike.

A great visual deterrent, the Bully Alarm Lock can also be used with two bikes at the same time, and it’s simply a matter of attaching it, turning it on and sleeping better at night.

The package includes a long range pager, which with the alarm will go off when someone messes with your motorcycle. If you’re looking for an effective and affordable way to protect your motorcycle, the Bully Alarm Lock with Pager is worth exploring.

Click here for more information about the Bully Alarm Lock.

In Summary DO Employ a Motorcycle Security for your Motorcycle and Consider One of the Various Motorcycle Alarms Built In

Thousands of motorbikes are stolen each year equivalent to an estimated $200 million or more. Having your motorbike stolen can take thousands of dollars out of your pocket, leave you with no means of commute and simply result in a frustrating experience. Cut or eliminate your chances of motorcycle bike theft by investing in any easy to use and highly effective alarm systems for motorcycles.

Most Reliable Motorcycle Cable Locks

Most Reliable Motorcycle Cable Locks

Most Reliable Motorcycle Cable Locks


Thieves like easy pickings and motorcycles if you are not careful fit the bill nicely. Unlike cars these days, bikes can be appallingly easy to steal, are also quicker to get away with so it’s a good idea to take some simple and reliable precautions. As such – motorcycle cable locks as you’ll see are are perfect for this task.

Ease of Using Motorcycle Cable Locks

A robust motorcycle cable lock can simply be threaded through the wheels of your motorbike and secured around an immovable object such as a large tree, sign post or designated anchor points. The fact that the better ones are hard to cut makes them a great deterrent against motorcycle theft, where your motorcycle simply can’t be wheeled away.

A cable lock however is in general not as tough as a motorcycle chain and lock, but on a brighter note is comparatively lighter, making it easy to haul around and a great relief if you use your motorbike for daily commutes. Also cable locks can work very nicely when use in conjunction with another security lock (layers of protection) such as a disc lock, a grip lock or a brake lock.

Keep in mind that no motorcycle lock cable is unbreakable, but by using one you provide your motorcycle with an essential layer of security. Some tips to keep in mind when shopping for the best motorcycle cable lock include:

  • Buy the best cable lock you can reasonably afford
  • Since a motorcycle cable lock doesn’t weigh much, you can use two, one for each wheel or get a cable lock and a grip lock
  • Choose a good location preferably well lit areas to park your motorbike
  • Secure your motorbike to a solid, immovable object – if indoors (garage) maybe use a motorcycle anchor.

Tips on using Motorbike Cable Lock

It is also important to choose a good location to lock your motorbike with a cable lock such as CCTV-heavy area and well lit areas. The best place to lock a motorbike is among others for several reasons, most notably because there will be less room for a thief to maneuver and use their motorbike theft tools.

Above everything else, it is highly important that you lock your motorcycle cable lock with an immovable object, because this not done right will defeat the sole purpose of having a motorcycle cable lock. When using a cable lock, ensure that it is a tight fit, because the more room between the cable and anchor point, the easier it is to break the lock.

Best Motorcycle Cable Lock – Make the most of the Benefits

Bike enthusiasts and industry experts suggest spending roughly 10% of the value of your motorbike on some form of motorcycle lock cable or cable lock alarm. Cable locks are easier to cut through than some of the other types of motorbike security products, but just like most products, there are a few best motorcycle cable locks that are definitely worth considering.

Apart from being lightweight, a motorcycle lock cable is also affordable so using two locks to secure the front and back wheel and frame to an immovable object only makes sense. That said, we’ve listed two of the better motorcycle cable locks available in the market to ease your buying decision.

So What are the Best Motorcycle Security Cable Locks Just Now?

There is no shortage of cable locks for motorcycles that’s for sure. Two good products that come to mind are the Master Lock Cuff Cable and the OnGuard Rottweiler.

First off, let’s take a look at the 8295 Cuff Lock from Master Lock…

1. The Abus Granit Extreme Plus –

Master Lock 8295DPS Quantum Cuff Cable Lock – measuring 6 ft long and equipped with an integrated cuff lock, the Master Lock 8295DPS cable lock can be secured easily with several different immovable objects such as frames, forks, sign posts and parking meters.

One of the noteworthy features of this motorcycle cable lock is it boasts a braided steel cable with polymer coating, making it virtually impossible to saw or cut and pick at.

Highlights of the Master Lock 8295DPS

  • Integrated steel cuff
  • Push button keyless locking system
  • Braided steel cable for superior flexibility and strength
  • Hardened laminated steel construction
  • Can be attached with several different types of immovable objects
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

In addition, it can be secured quickly thanks to a push button keyless locking system, and is backed by a useful lifetime warranty. The Lock is lightweight at just 2 lbs, making it comparatively easy to haul around especially even on long motorcycle trips.

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In contrast we’ll now look at the 8024 Rottweiler from OnGuard. A more flexible security cable and it’s a bit lighter than the Master Lock. Take a look for your self…

2.  The OnGuard 8024 Rottweiler 25mm x 4′ Armored Lock – from a first glance, this motorcycle cable lock comes across as one of the most reliable forms of bike security you can get your hands on today, and it indeed is for several reasons.

For starters, it boasts an X2 dual lock locking system and is complete with a reinforced sleeve over the cylinder and crossbar for superior motorbike security.

Even with the high level of protection the OnGuard offers, it is surprisingly lightweight (and lighter than the master lock 8295) at just 1.3 lbs including the 4 feet long cable.

Highlights of the OnGuard 8024 Motorbike Lock

  • Weighs just 1.3 lbs
  • Reinforced sleeve for maximum protection
  • Automatic dust cover to protect cylinder
  • Package includes 4 laser cut keys and 1 TorchKey
  • Vinyl cable protects bike from scratches

Unlike other motorcycle cables locks that skimp out on quality in exchange for low price, OnGuard contrarily delivers over and beyond by providing you with 4 high quality laser cut keys and 1 TorchKey with this package.

The 8024 OnGuard Motorbike chain lock even features a dust cover to protect the cylinder of the device and a rather tough vinyl cable cover to protect your bike and equipment from scratches.

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In Summary

Protecting your motorbike should not be an option especially considering the affordable price of motorcycle protection devices such as easy to use and extremely portable cable locks. They are good when used in isolation and even better when used together with a second motorcycle security device as already listed above.

Both of the above motorcycle cable locks are good, but for us we find the OnGuard a bit more flexible to use, possibly more durable and therefore… reliable!

Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains

#1 Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains

#1 Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains

As we’ll show, the best motorcycle locks and chains can go a long way to protecting your motorcycle from theft. Simply put using the most efficient forms of motorbike security devices isn’t an option today given the considerable rise in motorcycle theft.

Research indicates the most popular types of motorbikes for thievery are sport bikes, but any type of bike is fair game considering how easy they can be to make way with.

If you are in a rush, here are two of the best Motorcycle Locks and Chains you can get

Abus Granit Extreme Plus

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

Lock Your Motorbike Down and It Won’t Get Lifted!

It’s true – when it comes to the technique used to stealing a motorcycle, simply picking it up and loading it into a van/truck tops the list. Furthermore, the thief doesn’t even need to know how to ride the stolen motorbike or even override the ignition, making the getaway even easier. This however can be best avoided by investing in the best motorbike security chain and lock that you can lay your hands on.

With an anti theft chain, you take care of the underlying issue, which is stopping the thief from getting the motorcycle up from the ground, but only a good security chain for motorcycle will be able to stop this. The best bike security chain is ideally hardened and measures no less than 12mm in diameter otherwise it can be easily pried off with a pair of bolt cutters (of course 12 mm+ can be severed – it’s just get a lot more difficult to do!).

How to use a Security Chain for a Motorcycle?

The best way to lock your motorcycle with a security chain is through the frame rather than the wheel given that the latter is easier to remove. It’s good to have a really secure wheel, but in most cases they get sold as spares hence running and securing the bike security chain through the frame is highly recommended.

Next, when securing the chain, ensure it is tight meaning there shouldn’t be much slack between the bike and the floor. If the motorcycle security chain hangs loose on the floor, it is much more vulnerable to freeze attacks, hammer attacks, bolt cutters and wedge attacks.

Keep in mind that the biggest deterrent to a thief is a secured motorbike, and the last thing they want is to get caught. Your goal ultimately of securing your motorcycle with an anti theft chain is to maximize the time it would take to get away with your motorbike, and making getting caught in the act as likely as possible.

For maximum protection, place the motorcycle security chain through a fixed immovable object to prevent is from lift-away theft. It is highly important that you secure the motorcycle anti theft chain to a non-removable part of the motorbike frame such as the rotor to prevent against roll-away theft.

Best Motorcycle Locks and Chains – Which Motorcycle Security Chain to Buy?

Shopping for the best motorbike security chain might be overwhelming considering the wide range of prices and qualities available. However, we’ve rounded off two of the best motorcycle locking chains available in the market to ease your buying decision…

1. The Abus Granit Extreme Plus –

The Germans know a bit about quality and this German built Abus chain lock is no exception.

They refer to it as a 2-in-1 solution and is outfitted with a robust 59 inch long, 12mm chain complete with a fabric sleeve to prevent any damage to the motorbike itself.

Adding to this, all of the components of this motorcycle locking mechanism are crafted with superior quality hardened steelABUS X-Plus cylinder for the best protection against theft.

Highlights of the Abus Granit Extreme Plus

  • 12mm robust chain
  • Chain link locks directly into lock
  • Two keys supplied with lock
  • Waterproof, weatherproof and corrosion resistant
  • Manually operated keyhole cover to prevent dirt and corrosion

Apart from its superb fit and finish, it’s highly impossible to pick or cut the Granit motorcycle chain with standard bolt cutters. Apart from being bike theft-proof, this anti theft chain is weatherproof, waterproof and corrosion proof as well and uses the X-Plus lock system to give you more than an astounding 1.4 million different combinations. The package includes two keys, with one being an LED torch key.

Click here to check it out on Amazon

2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc –

What’s great about this (oddly titled) Fahgettaboudit motorcycle security device is that it comes with a robust 14mm six-sided chain and a top of the line New York D-Lock. Super-tough!

In the package you receive 3 stainless steel keys, one of them lighted . The chain itself is outfitted with a protective and durable nylon cover complete with hook up fasteners to hold it in place.

Highlights of the Kryptonite U-Loc

  • Comes with robust chain and maximum security D-Lock
  • Key Safe program
  • Appointed with sliding dustcover to protect and extend cylinder life
  • Chain crafted of 3t hardened manganese steel for ultimate strength
  • 3 stainless steel keys included
  • Available is two lengths – 39 inch and 60 inch

Click here to check it out on Amazon

When compared to the Abus Extreme Plus, it performs just as well where no amount of hammer, lever or axe can even make a dent. If you’re looking for the best chain locking system, the two motorcycle security devices mentioned above are evidently some of the best you can buy to secure your prized possession.

Motorcycle Security Chain Lock Tips

  1. Lock your motorcycle in a well lit area and hopefully with other motorbikes.
  2. Do not lock in the same location all the time.
  3. Do not lock your motorcycle to any items that can be easily cut such as a chain link fence or wooden post.
  4. Don’t forget to secure your other accessories such as jackets, helmets, etc.
  5. Use a high quality motorcycle security chain

In Conclusion

Motorcycles are easy target for thieves so don’t make it any easier by compromising on the best motorcycle protection – like the two best motorcycle locks and chains we’ve uncovered here. By taking the time to secure your motorcycle appropriately and with the best anti theft chain, your property is kept safe at all times.

Here are two great options:

Abus Granit Extreme Plus

Motorcycle Grip Lock Reviews

Motorcycle Grip Locks

So Exactly “What is a Grip Lock?”

In this grip lock reviews page we will address and compare two grip lock devices. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the term, a grip lock such as the BigPantha device shown above, fits to the handlebar grips on a motorcycle (or scooter or ATV / Quad bike) and immobilizes the bike by locking the throttle and / or brake.

And it has many aliases – it is also known as a handle bar lock (since it fits to the grip of the handlebar), a brake lock (it can be used to lock the front brake), a throttle lock (the throttle get’s immobilized at the same time as the front brake) and even a motorcycle clutch lock (when used on the left hand grip).

With a large number of motorbikes stolen each year (and the average cost of new one at around $14,500) preventing your motorcycle from theft should be a top priority. Unfortunately many motorcycles are stolen simply because they are easy to get away with.

One Answer to the Security Problem that More People are Turning to is the Grip Lock

A grip lock is a convenient and simple solution to motorcycle security and it won’t break the bank. Indeed you can expect the grip lock price to be less than $70. At the time of writing the BigPantha Grip Lock is just $44.95 and the nearest good competitor – Green Motorcycle and Security lock by Grip-Lock – will set you back about $55. And if you shop around you’ll get a grip lock for sale or with a coupon for even less.

In any case, compared to the price of replacing a stolen motorbike, grip locks are practically free!

Check it out at Amazon

Setting Expectations about What a Grip Lock Can Do

Realistically a determined thief given the time, tools and privacy can relieve you of your prized machine however much security you have employed! So the real question is – in any given situation what is the appropriate level of motorbike security that you should employ?

A motorcycle grip lock is a clamping device that is attached to the handlebar (to either one of the two grips to be precise) and immobilizes either the throttle and front brake or the clutch – see explanation below.

They are simple devices that are quickly and easily set into place, and they are not prone to failure.

They are perfect medium level security devices just like disc locks are.

Of course if a thief rocks up in a big van to whisk your bike away, then your bike (or any bike) is at risk.

However, with the grip lock in place the bike cannot be rolled, it has to be a picked up and put in the van – and that requires two or more guys.

Grip Locks – whether for a Motorcycle, a scooter* or even an ATV a grip lock works the same for all.

A Note on Grip Locks for Scooters and Mopeds

*Note that some scooters and mopeds have the the rear brake attached to the left handlebar (and the front brake to the right grip). So in this case when a grip lock is used as a scooter lock or moped lock, the grip lock secures either front brake and throttle or the rear brake.

Motorcycle Grip Locks in the Market

What is the BigPantha Grip Lock?

Grip lock systems are fairly common ground when it comes to protecting motorbikes for several reasons including affordability and efficiency. The BigPantha motorcycle grip lock system is designed for BOTH security and efficiency – it is designed to lock, immobilize and secure your 2 wheeler in just under a whopping 5 seconds.

Light and Compact Time Saver

Conceived a few years ago, BigPantha has grown to be one of the leading names in the motorcycle accessory industry, and their latest motorbike security accessory is no different.

The BigPantha grip lock weighs in at about 1 lb and boasts a compact footprint of 5.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches, meaning it’s convenient to carry.

Highlights of the BigPantha Grip Lock

  • Lightweight at about 1 lb
  • Small – about the size of a mobile phone
  • Crafted of lightweight but tough aluminium
  • Available as a red grip lock or black grip lock (more colors on the way)
  • Durable, tough and tamper resistant
  • Two laser cut keys
  • Universal motorcycle lock and fits all models of sports bikes, scooters and ATV’s
  • Dust proof, heat proof, water proof and rust proof
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable Design

The BigPantha grip lock is water and rust resistant so you can rest assured it will last for many years to come.

Check it out at Amazon

Regardless of the motorcycle you own, the BigPantha motorcycle grip locking system is a perfect fit including Triumph, Harley, Suzuki, Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki and Yamaha.

This Should Be the Grip Lock Reviews Anthem – If it’s Easy to use, you will always use it!

As other grip lock reviews comment, the noteworthy feature that sets the BigPantha grip lock apart from other forms of motorcycle security is it is faster to secure and is done in a few easy steps.

1. To get started, simply unlock the grip lock with the included key, which triggers it to open outwards similar to a crab claw.
2. You will notice the claw of this motorcycle security device is appointed with two grips – one smaller than the other.
3. Set the open grip lock over your motorbike’s handlebar in such a way that the first grip clings onto the clutch lever or the front brake, and the second bigger grip onto the handle or the throttle.
4. Finally secure the device using the included laser cut key.

How does it compare to other Grip Locks?

The Green or Yellow Motorcycle and Security lock by Grip-Lock is another great product in its segment – it is easy to use, and lightweight just like its BigPantha counterpart.

However, its main pitfall is that it’s made out of plastic and therefore somewhat easier to snap or cut through, than the full-metal design of the BigPantha grip lock.

For a closer inspection check it out here MC Grip-Lock.

Should you get a Grip Lock?

Or a better question should be “Why Wouldn’t You Buy a Grip Lock?”. Look at it realistically, you’ve already invested thousands of dollars on your Motorbike so spending less than a hundred on a premium grip lock only makes sense.

This and several other grip lock reviews reckon that the BigPantha grip lock takes away the hassles associated with shopping for a grip lock system considering it is universally designed to fit any bike, scooter or even ATV you may own.

If you’re looking to protect your motorcycle from prying eyes, the BigPantha grip lock will save you the heartache that stems from having your motorbike stolen.

Check it out at Amazon

Motorcycle Security – Best Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices and Systems

Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle Theft Prevention – More Important Today Than Ever Before

Getting your prized possession stolen sucks and when this item is your motorcycle, it hurts even more! Motorcycles for many of us are a form of daily and affordable transportation, and for some like me, our pride and joy – or both. And fact is that just as much as we depend and love our 2 wheels, thieves do just as much.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the rise in motorcycle theft is simply because bikes are easy money for thieves – for they tend to be relatively easy to steal, easy to break down for parts and easy to sell.

On the brighter note, there are a great range of motorbike security devices and systems available today – each with their own set of pros and cons – to help thwart would-be thieves.

Take a Look at the Best Motorcycle Anti-Theft Devices Available

Statistics indicate that only 25 percent to 30 percent of stolen motorbikes are recovered compared to 65 percent to 70 percent of vehicles. As a motorcycle owner, there couldn’t be a better time if you haven’t already to explore the steps you can take to protect your motorbike given the range of good motorcycle security systems that you can get your hands on. And the good news is that even if you are on a tight budget you have some great motorbike theft prevention options within reach!

With this article serving as an introduction, we’re going to go on a tour of the best motorcycle security systems at your disposal. But first…

Motorcycle Theft Prevention 101

A sure shot way of safeguarding your motorbike from theft is to chain a large guard dog to your motorcycle at all times, but unfortunately this isn’t a feasible solution. However, the following are a few effective tips and techniques to keep your motorbike away from prying eyes.

You can’t steal what you can’t see – this is rather self explanatory, but you can’t steal something that isn’t there, meaning the of the best motorcycle security tactics is to keep your bike out of sight…

Your garage or lock up is a great place to keep your motorbike, and preferably behind a larger object and with the curtains unfastened over the windows. In my case, not only do I lock my motorbike in the garage, I have fitted a motorcycle security anchor so that I chain my bike to the anchor which itself is firmly embedded into the concrete floor. I chain my bike frame to the anchor. More on this at a later date. Suffice to say this is simple, low tech and rather effective – but requires a garage or access to a lock up of some description.

And, if you have a lock on your garage, use it and if you don’t, this might be a good time to invest in one.

Contrariwise, if you don’t have the luxury of owning a garage and live in an apartment complex or condo, park your motorcycle in a well lit area and in the sight of a security camera.

Hidden in Plain Sight – Using a Motorcycle Security Cover

Motorcycle covers serve a few different functions. Yes they protect your steed from the elements, keeps the water out of the electrics and will keep the dust off. Also, believe it or not, a motorcycle cover serves somewhat as a handy and relatively low cost motorbike security system.

Considering that a motorbike thief is less likely to make an attempt to steal your bike if they can’t tell what bike it is – and even if they can, can they be bothered to put in the effort and time to remove the cover – or are they likely to move on to an easier target?

Tried & Tested Motorcycle Security Locks

You can lock up your vehicle using one of a variety of different anti-theft motorcycle locks and devices. And there are a lot to choose from – and they all come with their pros and cons. We’re going to have a thorough look at these different options subsequently. In summary here they are: cable and lock, chain and lock, motorcycle grip lock (aka throttle lock or clutch lock), and a disc brake lock.

Consider Investing in a Motorcycle Alarm System

If you still feel that your motorcycle is not safe with locks alone, you can add another layer of motorcycle security such as the addition of an alarm system.

As you might expect, you have a few options to choose from when it comes to your motorbike alarm system. Here are a few that you’ll be learning about – motorcycle disc lock with alarm, chain lock with alarm and – ever more high tech – a motorcycle alarm system with gps!

Motorbike Alarms in Isolation

But a lot of motorbike owners rely solely on a motorcycle security alarm as their primary security. Although this is understandable owing to the fact that your motorbike can be protected with just a push of a button, depending completely on it is just a sense of false security – the alarm battery could be flat, or the alarm could sound off but it get’s ignored.

The solution? You guessed it! What would make alarms highly effective is they were paired with other motorbike security device because then a would-be thief has to work through two or more defenses – far easier and safer for them to move on to another – easier – target!

In short there are several different motorbike alarm security options available to riders these days, they work well in isolation, but can work even better when paired up with another device.

Invest in High Quality Motorcycle Security Systems

Your motorbike is your baby and must treat as such by not compromising on the quality of the motorcycle theft prevention products you buy. If you take the time to check out the numerous motorcycle security system reviews then you’ll find one common theme is that it is highly recommended that you only invest in the best motorbike security that you can lay your hands on.

There are several ways of lowering the odds of motorcycle theft, but take note that no single way is foolproof. However by considering the tips and devices mentioned above, you stand a much better chance at ensuring your motorbike doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Small Tool Pouch / MultiTool Sheath with Belt Clip

Small Tool Pouch

An innovative new small tool pouch with belt clip / multitool sheath from BigPantha Tool. This is a twist on another best selling pouch of ours and this time comes with a set of three handy twin gated carabiners – very useful about the workshop, on site, in the garage or simply when they come in useful.

BigPantha Tool Organizer and Tools Pouch – An Easy Way to Keep Your Small Tools & Multi Tools Close to Hand

When working or traveling around we want convenience – our prime gear safe and in easy reach. Designed as a UNIVERSAL FIT, this flexible light weight BigPantha tool organizer and tool pouch is the first choice meet your professional requirements for a hassle free / worry free experience!

BIG ENOUGH TO MEET YOUR DEMANDS: A Single Cavity molle pouchs offering enough storage space for multi-tools, Cellphones, small tools, folding knives, flashlights etc.

Made from military grade black nylon your new BigPantha tool holder is an ideal tool organizer and tools pouch that’s going to serve you until you retire… and beyond!

Tool Pouch with Belt Clip for 100% Security

Designed for real work the tool pouch with belt clip is actually fitted with a sturdy three pin clip that will attach either to your belt or simply to your jeans or work pants.

A three pin holster clip is A LOT more secure than two pins which means that the clip can’t be broken off the holster, and that the holster won’t budge from your belt – keeping the contents safe and secure, especially in transit.

Ultra Multi-Purpose 5.5″ Multi Tool Sheath – Big Enough But Not Too Big!

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the BIG name tool holders / multi tool holders (Klein, Gerber etc) are a bit small? Often they are built for 4″ or 4.5″ mult-tools, tools and devices. Well we found that’s a bit small – a bit impractical at times – so we went a little bit bigger to 5.5″ in size.

So at 5.5″ in height, 2.5″ in width and 1″ to 1.5″ in depth, that’s a comfortable size for practically ALL Multi Tools and a lot of small tools. To give you an idea here is what customers and us have used with:

Flat wrenches & pliers, precision screwdrivers, diagonal cutters, portable & pickup parts, crescent wrench, channel locks, allen / hex keys, motorcycle, auto, truck and car products. Also travel scissors, pocketknife, cordless electrical & electronic components, gardening tools, computer parts, flashlights, folding knives, fire lighters… and the list goes on!

For instance, one of our first customers Dave who works as an electrician swears by it as the best little electrician tool pouch that he’s ever come across!

Look at all the small tools that we comfortably fitted into the tools holster…

Multi-Tool Pouch In Use With Various Sized Multi-Tools

As mentioned a lot of the Multi Tool Pouches out there are built to fit multi tools to 4″ or 4.5″ in size. We’ve gone a bit bigger, simply as a lot of the new multi-tools these days are larger than 4″ or 4.5″.

For instance some sophisticated multitools that we see (think the work site, DIY / home improvement, survival, camping, bike & motorcycle maintenance, electrician, plumbing and so on) come with fitted torches, wrenches as well as screwdrivers and the such. And these items can be a fair bit bigger these days.

So we’re not claiming that this’ll fit every multitool out there but it’s certainly going to accommodate most of the multitools built by the big brands such as Gerber, Leatherman, Dewalt, Stanley, Stansport, SOG, Griffin, Victorinox, Baladeo, UST, RAVPower and ROSE KULI.

A Close Up On Wearing It

It’s really easy to use. After placing your multi tool / tools / device into the holster you’ll secure the lid down by the molle style catch. Then you clip it to your belt, jeans or work pants.

The holster clip is attached to the pouch / holster by three pins (remember most inferior products have just two pins which is far less secure!).

Your holster is totally secure attached to you and it’s contents will be impossible to shake out.

We’ve Thrown in a Couple of Extras – Bonus Twin Gate Carabiner Hooks

OK so these are not live or die by, they are just pretty handy little devices that we at BigPantha use all the time. And we’re including three of these suckers for you free of charge!

These twin gated carabiner hooks are carabiners that open at both end. So you can attach one end to a tool or device (think torch, water bottle etc) and the other end to a wall hook or your trousers or a line or whatever.

They are darn handy to have around!

A Host of Great Brands

Finally – there are a lot of great multitool sheaths on the market from the greats such as Klein, Gerber, Wave, Custom Leathercraft, McGuire-Nicholas, Dickies Work Gear, CAMTOA, Nite Ize, FASITE, Leatherman, Maxpedition and Sheaths, to name but a few. BigPantha has now joined these terrific brands with our own version that’s adding novelty and value to this field.
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