Affiliate Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission requires online businesses to disclose the use of affiliate links. Simply put, website visitors need to know if an online business is making money by sharing a product or link.

An affiliate link is a one way thatonline businesses earn a commission based on products recommendedand then purchased. Note that the price will be exactly the same for you, whether you purchase through a non-affiliate link or an affiliate link.

When you click on an affiliate link, you will be directed to the partners website for more information, and possibly to make a purchase. A cookie will then be set in your web browser, which – assuming you make a purchase – enables us to receive a commission on the product that you purchased.

You should note that not all links are affiliate links.

The use of affiliate links are a popular and widely recognized method to monetize websites. Affiliate marketing serves both the website owner and the visitor. We work with various affiliate partnerships across our businesses.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, you should assume the following about links contained in posts on this website:

Many of the links on BigPantha.com are affiliate links allowing us to receive a small commission when you purchase certain products. As with any business there are several costs associated with operating a successful website. And affiliate links can be an effective way to address these costs.

The following are a list of companies/entities that we have an affiliate relationship with:


Amazon Affiliate Links
BigPantha.com is occasionally a participant in the hugely popular Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is a very good affiliate advertising program that enables websites to receive small advertising fees by linking to Amazon.com products. If you click on an Amazon link, this website will make a small commission, and please note – you do not have to pay any additional costs.

Final Thoughts
We only recommend products that we have used ourselves or one that we would recommend to friends and family.

Thank you, from all of us at BigPantha.com, for your continued support. We appreciate you and thank you for visiting our website.

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