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Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock for Securing Your Helmet (or Helmets) to Your Bike – Tough Black All-In-One Combination PIN Locking Carabiner Device & Cable with Lifetime Guarantee from BigPantha! (Amazon 98% Positive Rating)

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BigPantha Helmet Lock Works With ALL Full Face & Half Face Motorcycle Helmets

Using the new Motorcycle Helmet Lock from BigPantha you can safely attach any bike helmet to your motorcycle whenever you park up and go for a walk around town.

The proven Helmet Lock from BigPantha is made up of a Carabiner style D-lock (which has a 3 digit PIN code) and also a 1.8 meter self-coiling steel cable (which is 3 mm thick). Using this motorcycle helmet lock you can secure one, or two helmets or even a helmet and a jacket to the bike if you want.

And all parts of the lock are layered with a protective sheath which means you’ll not inflict any damage onto the chrome of your bike or your helmet.

Using Your Helmet Lock – Two Options

1. Use the Cable to attach your helmet to motorbike. Very safe. Fast.


2. Using the D-lock only, loop the open D-lock through the helmet buckle and attach to your Motorcycle handlebar or mirror. Safe. Very fast.


Check it out below and if you are interested then you can get a 15% discount using this Amazon coupon code (M3L2CN2X).

Check it out on Amazon (15% Discount)

The helmet lock is made up of a tough metallic D-lock and self coiling steel cable.

The D-lock is rubberized and the 3 mm thick cable is coated with a plastic sleeve. This prevents your helmet or your bike from suffering friction damage and also keeps the complete unit waterproof – it won’t rust.


The D-lock is secured by means of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which you will preset yourself.

The 3 number PIN has a total 999 combinations. You use your private PIN when you close or open the lock.

Once the lock is open you can release the cable and use it to attach your helmet to your bike.

The cable is coiled up and it will uncoil to 180 cm long (six feet).

The first step is to loop the cable through your helmet.

The cable is first looped through your helmet and this will work with all helmet types – including full face helmets like this …

Or on half face helmets like this where you feed the cable between the visor and the helmet…

Or half face helmets like this, feeding the cable through the helmet buckle…

Then you loop the cable through your bike.

And there are many places on the bike that you can chose. For instance the front wheel…

The rear passenger grip / rear cowl like this…

And so on, many options to attach…

You can attach two helmets to your bike with a single helmet lock if you want…

Using the D-lock only, loop the open D-lock through the helmet buckle and attach to your Motorcycle handlebar or mirror.

Safe. Very fast.

Get your 15% discount using this Amazon coupon code (M3L2CN2X).

Check it out on Amazon (15% Discount)

Product Highlights

– Sleek Black Motorcycle Helmet Lock
– Which is Lightweight (weights just 5oz) & small (it will fit into your pocket)
– Use Private 3 digit PIN code (1,000 different combinations)
– It’s easy & quick to lock and unlock
– Carabiner D lock is Rubberized – no scratching
– The cable self coils after use for ready storage
– Cable is 1800 mm long so it will secure or more helmets to bike (or a helmet and your jacket if you want)
– Flexible braided steel fiber cable – won’t snap, difficult to sever
– And the cable is also sealed with using durable PVC plastic for maximum protection and to stop friction damage
– 100% waterproof – no rust
– Comes in a high quality protective recyclable blister packaging.

Risk Free Purchase – Lifetime Guarantee!

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Customer Feedback

Great product. Great company

Great lock. The company even sent me an email on tips on how to use it and set the password. Great product. Great company. Would recommend.

M. Duncantelon

Great quality product and superior customer care

First of all, I am really appreciative of your this company’s follow-up. It is a rare trait nowadays to find anybody who cares about customer satisfaction to that extent. I applaud you for your great effort and always keep it up.

SECONDLY, regarding the lock, the quality is quite sturdy and easy to use. You had already sent me the instruction of usage before I had received the lock and once I got it, I could set it in less than a minute without the need to read the Manual. I use it now to secure my helmet on the motorcycle everything I am discounting the bike.

Thanks for the great quality product and for the superior customer care

Mohamad Ragab

Great alternative to traditional helmet locks.

No installation! Which is nice. Just clip it where you can. Rubber surface appears to hold up, so no scratches.

I try not to depend on the cable too much. I’ve seen larger guage cables get cut. But let’s be honest here, locks are only to keep honest people honest. The cable does offer flexibility and coils right up to keep out of your way, if you have the lock mounted on the bike while riding.

Sellers/makers followed up with emails to make sure of satisfaction.

Overall I’m happy with the lock, and I’ll recommend it to others.


Handy and very well made

I received the lock very promptly, and I really like it. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket and I can lock my helmet and jacket both to the bike quite easily. It is compact, well made, and I had no problem setting the combination lock. The numbers on the lock show up well even in dim light. Well done, and thanks to BigPantha for the good service.


A good compromise between convenience and security

I didn’t read the instructions before throwing it in my saddle bag and heading out to work. then realized I had to set a combination and had no idea how to do it. 10 seconds later I had it figured out and done. very easy to use and set combo.

Durability wise, I’d say this is more of a “please don’t steal my helmet” polite request than any kind of real security…but if you need real security I’d hope you wouldn’t be leaving an expensive helmet on the bike anyway as a prepared thief won’t be deterred by most locks you’d actually carry with you anyway. This is a solid combination of compact, easy to carry and use, and moderate level of security. I’m pretty sure I could break it in a few seconds with a couple of channel lock pliers, but I’m equally sure I coudln’t breakit with my bare hands.


Works great! now I don’t worry about leaving my helmet …

works great! now I don’t worry about leaving my helmet nor have to lug it around with me any more. the bungee is long enough for 2 helmets (shoei) and secures well on my bike with no worries of scratching bc of the material.

Christopher Evanson

Buy it

Good product. Worth the money though. It is a great upgrade to anyone’s personal items security. It secures my helmet and medical bag. I am disabled and it is a needed addition for safety.

Greg Thomas-Ledaon

Easy way to secure helmet and more to your bike!

I received this at a discount after I bought the throttle/brake lock (Red) BigPantha sells. It is great for securing my helmet to the back of my bike. I have not used the cable cord with it yet, but I know I will use it in the future for my jacket and helmet when I need it. Great product, I look forward to more of their products.

Amazon Customer

Yep – It’s Good!

Ingenious! Love that the coil cable allows me to lock my jacket and helmet to the bike, giving me less to carry.

Sandy W

Great versatile lock

Just what I needed for my bike!! I can lock up my helmet and jacket because of the length and versatility of the lock. Locks are meant to keep honest people honest, if someone wants to get your stuff, they will, this lock serves its purpose, keeps your things secure and leaves you with great peace of mind!! Easy to use and a great accessory for any motorcyclist!!!

SJosh Wheeleron

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